July 28, 2014

About Us

Henry Margossian
License # 2H54485

Henry Margossian president of California Loss Consultants, has worked in the insurance claim industry for over 15 years. Having worked for Farmers Insurance for 9 of his 15year career, he understands the mechanics of the claim process and all the hidden nuances that come with a home or a business claim.
That is an advantage that separates us from our competition, not only factually but also in the final claim settlement amounts.

What will California Loss Consultants do for me after a home fire damage, or flood water damage?

We will meet with you at your property location, review your policy coverages and outline all possible overages that you may be afforded by your insurance company.

A complete sketch of your living area along with an itemized scope of all damages to your building will be completed and reviewed with you or if you prefer with your contractor before submittal to the insurance company. We use the latest construction estimating software with up to date pricing to achieve results that will reflect construction labor and material rates in your area.

A meeting will be set with your insurance company adjuster and California Loss Consultants; to review and discuss the needed repairs. This is where most insurance companies will offer the least amount of replacements and instead will tell you that almost anything can be cleaned and repaired by their “preferred vendor” that by the way is only looking out for your insurance carrier’s interests; Hence the term “preferred vendor”.

We, at California Loss Consultants, will fight for you until all necessary repair protocols are met. Your replacement cost policy entitles you to replace property when damaged. The property should be returned to its pre-loss condition regardless of age or wear and tear.

After a favorable settlement is reached, you can start in the rebuilding process.

In the insurance claims industry, there are lot of vendor referrals and unethical claims practices on both sides that prevents claims professionals from producing unbiased results, therefore we feel it’s best that you find and hire a contractor for the reconstruction. In the case that you are unable to find one, we will assist you in finding a contractor, and meeting with them to review the scope of damage.